Ebonite unveils new branding campaign at international bowl expo

Team Ebonite | 7/2/13 | General

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. – Since 1905, the Ebonite brand has delivered dependable value to bowlers of all skill levels. The company’s dedication to products ‘Made in America’ that grow the sport by supporting its players, bowling centers, pro shops and bowler education continues to shape its business practices today. Today, with renewed focus on the future of Ebonite and the sport, Ebonite announced a new branding initiative at International Bowl Expo in Las Vegas.

“When you think of iconic American brands that have shaped their industries, such as Craftsman or Chevrolet, you not only associate yourself with their products, but also the emotion their brands evoke. The Ebonite brand is no different,” said Ed Gallagher, brand manager. “When you think about bowling and how you started in the sport, you probably think of your dad, friend or coach who truly supported you and the improvement of your game. You probably even remember the first ball you ever owned or the first 300 game you ever bowled. Chances are Ebonite is a part of many bowlers’ history and, with our new branding initiative, we can continue to influence these and other players in the future.”

A major component of the company’s brand relaunch is the focus surrounding the growth of the sport through bowler education and coaching.

“We know Ebonite bowlers are passing the sport on and moving it forward,” said Gallagher. “From another spectrum, hundreds of dedicated coaches are out there growing the game with every lesson, every clinic, every piece of advice they impart on their students. Our brand will be the support system for these bowlers and coaches who give life to the phrase ‘Bowl It Forward.’”

A multi-layered, comprehensive coaching program developed with renowned coaches Mark Baker, Mike Shady, Dino Castillo and others as well as Ebonite pro staff members will form the basis of the consumer, bowling center and pro shop level marketing activities. New product releases from Ebonite will continue to be developed around dependable performance at a value.

The updated logo of the brand is reminiscent of the “e” logo used by the company in the early years, relating the company’s history to the future of Ebonite. It also serves as a differentiator between the Ebonite brand and the corporate entity of Ebonite International, Inc.

“Ebonite bowlers are in the bowling centers, enjoying the competition, exercise, camaraderie and time with family. They seek out lessons, they’re socially connected and they’re loyal to brands that stand by their promises. We’re proud to be their brand in their bag,” added Gallagher.

About Ebonite
Ebonite, founded in 1905, is a leading bowling manufacturer based in Hopkinsville, Ky. The brand includes balls, bags and accessories distributed nationally and internationally to retail through bowling pro shops. Ebonite leads the industry in bowling coaching initiatives through camps, instructional videos and bowler education. Connect with the brand online at www.ebonite.com or @EboniteBowling and #bowlitforward on Twitter.

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Team Ebonite

The Ebonite Team is dedicated to creating dependable products for those who love the game. Together, we will Bowl it Forward.

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