Survivor Tournament

Team Ebonite | 7/15/13 | Junior Gold

Entries are already coming for the Survivor Tournament. Why would over 300 bowlers would sign up to bowl in a second-chance event, when the main event hasn’t even started? Because of the option to buy the Ebonite Source at a great price! There are four different entry options: $49 to bowl in the Survivor or $109 to enter and get a Source ball. For $136, you can enter the tourney along with a Jr. Gold Qualifier entry, and pay your Jr Gold and USBC membership for 2013/2014. For $196 you get it all!

Many of the bowlers tried the Source at the Ebonite Demo held Friday night, and were impressed with the ball. The Mission core is one of the most popular, so they love the option to buy a great ball at such a great discount. 

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Team Ebonite

The Ebonite Team is dedicated to creating dependable products for those who love the game. Together, we will Bowl it Forward.

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