Hard work and determination (and spares) are key!

Team Ebonite | 7/15/13 | Junior Gold

The amount of work and effort these bowlers have put into training for this event is impressive. Many had extensive practice on sport shots, and all agree that spare shooting is crucial. There’s no way, however to prepare for the intensity and the pressure of an event like this. The sheer number of competitors, the pressure from parents who’ve spent money to get them here, and the opportunity to bowl for your country weigh on each and every bowler.

There are parents here who are under just as much stress; it’s hard sometimes for parents to handle the pressure as well. We frequently see parents taking a walk outside to calm their nerves. They’re prepared for the long haul, too. Some bring their own stools, and some have homemade periscopes to see over the crowds. There’s always the guy with his arms stretched way in the air holding his iPad up to video his son every shot.

Any way you look at it, it’s admirable that they are all here to cheer for their bowlers all week. Few bowlers are here alone – even if their parents couldn’t make it, they have coaches and surrogate parents there to encourage them as well. 

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Team Ebonite

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