Living Legacy Winners: Jeremy and Jimbo Evans

Team Ebonite | 10/22/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

My name is Jeremy Evans.

When I was very young I met this guy named Jimbo Evans. He became my stepdad eventually and he has instilled his love of the game of bowling in me. He came into my life and raised me to be the best person and bowler that I could be.

All my life growing up I heard stories of how good he was and of course I could sit and watch him practice, bowl league, or compete in regionals. Well, not that it's all said and done, but 20+ years later after watching him shoot numerous honor scores, winning all the titles at state tournament, winning 7 regionals, filling up a PBA 300 ring, and being inducted into 3 hall of fames (Texas, Houston, and Pasadena), the legacy doesn't stop there. You can move onto the other side of the game as he has been head mechanic for 10+ years, ran pro shops and just recently bought his own center and runs it in Lubbock, Tx.

He is my inspiration for the living legacy contest. Not only is he an ambassador of the game but he is my dad!

Thank you

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