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Team Ebonite | 10/29/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

Living Legacy? There’s too many to choose from that have impacted my life and perspective on bowling. There’s all of the pro bowlers that I’ve seen on television from Amleto Monacelli to Walter Ray Williams Jr. There’s the rivalry between Sean Rash and Jason Belmonte that is comparable to the competitiveness between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

Moving away from the names that are talked about in every household that celebrates this wonderful sport, there’s family members and friends who have guided me to the bowler that I am today.

With all these people to pick as a #LivingLegacy, who do I choose?

I moved to San Antonio a couple years ago and was thoroughly impressed with the strength of their bowling program. Thanks to a wonderful foundation set by the adult members, Natalie Savant and Kelsi Anderson are promoting youth bowling in their own ways. Kelsi helps at all of the San Antonio youth tournaments as well as being the captain of her high school team and a San Antonio Youth Leader.

Natalie is probably best known for “Natalie’s Striking Summer” where she tours the country and bowls in all 48 contiguous United States. She has a desire to promote youth bowling and have a positive effect on the future of the sport. She is accomplishing her dream while benefitting generations of bowlers to come through bowling in each state with other youth bowlers, gaining the support of countless professional athletes, and completing interviews on broadcast television at the local and national levels.

Kelsi and Natalie - #LivingLegacy as they try to #BowlitForward.                         

My name is Kennon Riley and I’ve been bowling for 13 years. These two young ladies are fantastic for the future of bowling and are making a strong impact locally and nationally.


Kennon Riley

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