Chatham and Witherell, Sr. winners of Legacy Contest

Team Ebonite | 11/8/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

A "Living Legacy" means that you are the person that will remember and pass on the story of someones life to another so that their life can be remembered by everyone.

My grandfather, better known to myself as my Gramps, Rich Witherell Sr, is my living legacy. My grandfather was the inspiration that got me into bowling, as I would always be there every sunday watching the PBA, whether it be something on TV live, or something he recorded on a VHS player that was always a good show. He inspired me to bowl, and at the age of 7 I started bowling my first league in which he would come every week to watch, no matter the weather, and no matter how good or bad I did. He always rooted me on, and the look on his face when I strike is something I will never forget.

Unfortunately, the first tournament he ever missed due to an illness, I shot my first 800 series, and he was crushed that he missed it, but so proud at the same time. As I started getting older, he was showing his signs of old age as well. The following year, he came to my summer league for the first time all season (due to being in and out of the hospital), and I shot my first 300 in front of him, and he cried right there at the alley in excitement, a face I will always remember. He later saw an 800 series that same year, and he is recovering. He inspired me to bowl, cheered me on from the start, and watched me grow into the bowler I am, and now bowls with me in a doubles league.

My inspiration, my hero, Rich Witherell Sr.

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