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Team Ebonite | 11/12/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

The person in my life who has exemplified multiple traits of being a “Living Legacy” would be my mom, Patty Tomaszewski. She began to #BowlItForward before I was even born. She was in the middle of her ‘89 winter league when I was born. Missing only a few weeks of league, I became a child of the bowling community in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In September 1993, she signed me up to bowl in my very first Y.A.B.A. League.

At a young 4 years of age, she began to coach me to be the bowler I am today. From sprinting to the foul line and pushing the ball away with both hands, to bowling with the best collegiate bowlers in the country, she has always been there to support me for every missed spare and for every honor score I have shot. During youth bowling we traveled the country just for me to bowl in tournaments and every May I look forward to bowling U.S.B.C. Open Championships with her.

If it were not for my mom, I would have not become the person I am today. Off the lanes she is the person I look up to most, my inspiration. Two quotes that I will never forget that she always told me while bowling were “you can do it” and “Slow down, you move to fast. You have to make the moment last.” With those two sayings I know I can always achieve anything I set my mind to. To me, she will always be a “Living Legacy.” If she did not #BowlItForward, I would not be who I am today.

One day, I hope I can be a “Living Legacy” to my children as much as my Mom is for me. - Nick Tomaszewski

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Team Ebonite

The Ebonite Team is dedicated to creating dependable products for those who love the game. Together, we will Bowl it Forward.

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