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Team Ebonite | 11/12/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

My name is Bettina Lund

While I can mention a few very important coaches for me along the way or my best friend with whom I shared a lot of hours on the lanes and travelling for bowling…… they are not who are on the top of my legacy list.

My partner, Ger van Loon is the one that left a legacy in my life and my life of bowling.

Not only did Ger see my potential as a person but also as a bowler. He motivated me by being my coach and biggest support in the years I needed it the most. The eternal light in my tunnel.

He made it possible for me to focus solely on bowling during my career highlight years, as well as the initiator in connecting me to Ebonite and helping me get a much valued staff contract when I needed it the most.

If it had not been for Ger I would not have all the friends, contacts and experiences in and traveling around the bowling world.

I cherish these experiences and they have helped me grow and get my dream job working for Ebonite in Europe, where I continue to  work today.

What Ger taught me, he still spends trying to teach other (young) bowlers today.

When working together, we join forces to Bowl It Forward…. In the hope to inspire people to follow their dreams just as Ger inspired me and made it possible for me to follow mine.

This makes me a very grateful person and it makes Ger my living legacy story. - Bettina Lund

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Team Ebonite

The Ebonite Team is dedicated to creating dependable products for those who love the game. Together, we will Bowl it Forward.

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