It takes dedication and discipline.

Team Ebonite | 11/12/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

My dad made a real impact on me and my bowling.  From a young age, he showed me the dedication and the discipline it takes to be a competitive bowler. 

He spent countless hours on Saturday mornings taking me to league, watching me and getting me home in time to watch the PBA tour on TV.  He sacrificed many weekends to drive me all over several states to compete as a young bowler.  Each weekend was an attempt to win scholarship money.

After years of lessons and youth leagues and tournaments, it was off to college.  The dedication he gave me translated into discipline in practice while at college.  Winning titles at that level drove me further to a competitive PBA regional tour career. 

Because of his dedication, I now thank him and pass this on to my son as he begins to push his Maxim around on the floor of the living room.   - Scott Hayes

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Team Ebonite

The Ebonite Team is dedicated to creating dependable products for those who love the game. Together, we will Bowl it Forward.

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