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It takes dedication and discipline.

Team Ebonite | 11/12/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

My dad made a real impact on me and my bowling. From a young age, he showed me the dedication and the discipline it takes to be a competitive bowler. Read on >

Six halls of fame impressive!

Team Ebonite | 11/12/13 |

You would be challenged to find anyone that loves bowling more than Pam but what she really loves the most is the people. Read on >

Joined forces to Bowl It Forward.

Team Ebonite | 11/12/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

When working together, we join forces to Bowl It Forward…. In the hope to inspire people to follow their dreams just as Ger inspired me and made it possible for me to follow mine. Read on >

You have to make the moment last.

Team Ebonite | 11/12/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

One day, I hope I can be a “Living Legacy” to my children as much as my Mom is for me. - Nick Tomaszewski Read on >

Chatham and Witherell, Sr. winners of Legacy Contest

Team Ebonite | 11/8/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

A "Living Legacy" means that you are the person that will remember and pass on the story of someones life to another so that their life can be remembered by everyone. Read on >

Riley and Savant next Living Legacy winners

Team Ebonite | 10/29/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

Congratulations Kennon Riley and Natalie Savant! Read on >

Living Legacy Winners: Jeremy and Jimbo Evans

Team Ebonite | 10/22/13 | Living Legacy Contest Winners

Congratulations to our first winners of the Ebonite Living Legacy contest: Jeremy and Jimbo Evans. Read on >

Ebonite's Monacelli to represent Venezuela at World Games

Team Ebonite | 8/1/13 |

The World Games began in 1981 and is held every 4 years for sports that are not on the Olympic Games program and will feature 48 bowlers from 24 countries. Read on >

2013 Junior Gold Interviews

Team Ebonite | 7/18/13 | Junior Gold

With the 2013 Junior Gold Tournament winding down, we wanted to share some of our interviews with these tenacious youth bowlers. Read on >

Amanda receives coaching advice

Team Ebonite | 7/16/13 | Junior Gold

Junior Gold competitor gets coaching advice. Read on >

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