Honor Roll

Everyone likes a high five now and again. Share your Honor Roll score you earned with an Ebonite ball, and we’ll give you a high five!

Name & Location Score Ball Bowling Center Photo

Cory Ollison

Houston , TX

802 Pivot Palace Lanes
Palace Lanes

Ryan Dieter

Stevens Point, WI

247 Mission 2.0 Point Bowl
Stevens Point

Ryan Dieter

Stevens Point, WI

245 Misson 2.0 Point Bowl
Stevns Point

Thomas L Spigelmoyer

Kingman, AZ

812 Pivot Point Cerbat Lanes

Brian Albertson

Silverdale, WA

252 Cyclone Hi Joy Bowl
Port Orchard, WA

Alexander McMahon

Marlborough , MA

279 Pivot AMF Auburn Lanes
Auburn, MA

Jerry Donna

Ocala, FL

299 Game Changer Family Fun Lanes
Bangor, ME

Billie Talley

Tucson, AZ, AZ

299 Champion Brunswick Camino Seco
Tucson, AZ

Dale Diamond

Chatham, IL

300 Pivot Point AMF Strike & Spare
Springfield, IL

DeWight Burris

Raeford, NC

300 Legacy B&B Lanes
Fayetteville, NC

George Juszczyk

Dearborn Heights, MI

858 Pursuit Plaza Lanes
Plymouth, MI

Kyle Taylor Snell

Macon , GA

290 Tornado Gold Cup

Nathan William Raisbeck

Mountain Home, AR

290 Pursuit Enterprise Bowling Center
Springfield, Mo.

Tony Capuchino

Houston, TX

741 Ebonite Endure Armadilla ll

Tony Capuchino

Houston, TX

278 Ebonite Legacy Armadilla ll

Zach Gilbert

Janesville, WI

300 Mission 250k El-Ra Bowl

Kurt Gould

New Milford NJ, NJ

300 Pivot Point Lodi Lanes
Lodi NJ

Kurt Gould

New Milford , NJ

300 Legacy Brunzwick Zone
Belleville NJ

Chuck Vester

Muncie, IN

827 Mission 250K Munsee Lanes
Muncie Indiana

Chuck Vester

Muncie, IN

300 Inovate Rose Bowl
New Castle Indiana

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