Honor Roll

Everyone likes a high five now and again. Share your Honor Roll score you earned with an Ebonite ball, and we’ll give you a high five!

Name & Location Submitted On Score Ball Bowling Center Photo

Harley Sweigart

San Diego, CA

6/23/2015 299 Innovate Mira Mesa Lanes
Mira Mesa

Terry Clayton

Pellston, MI

6/23/2015 299 Mission Northern Lights Recreation
Harbor Springs, Michigan

Derrick Tate

Huntsville , AL

6/23/2015 300 source amf pin palace
huntsville, alabama

Marvin Sitts Jr

Fort Worth, TX

6/23/2015 300 Red Mission Mel's
Georgetown Tx

Jeremy Stewart

Boca Raton, FL

6/23/2015 272 Champion Strikes @ Boca
Boca Raton

Douglas Matchett


6/23/2015 824 Cyclone (Orange) Brunswick Zone

Colton Kenney

Denison, TX

6/23/2015 277 The One Lone Star Lanes
Sherman, Tx

Marvin Sitts Jr

Fort Worth, TX

6/23/2015 300 Warning Sign USA Bowl
Dallas TX

Mark Webb

Newport News, VA

6/23/2015 300 Source Sparetimes
Hampton, VA

Marvin Sitts Jr

Fort Worth , TX

6/23/2015 300 Mission 250k Forum
Grand Pierre TX

Marvin Sitts Jr

Fort Worth, TX

6/23/2015 299 Source USA BOWL
Dallas TX

Marvin Sitts Jr

Fort Worth, TX

6/23/2015 299 Warning Sign Cityview lanes
Fort Worth TX

Billie J. Talley

Tucson, AZ

6/23/2015 300 NVD Billie Talley
Tucson, AZ

Craig Tuholski

Troutdale, OR

6/23/2015 300 Angular one Milwaukie

Martin Ryan


6/23/2015 814 Total NV ALSAA
Dublin, Ireland

Luke Blauvelt

Hebron, KY

6/23/2015 300 Gamebreaker Walts Center Lanes
Newport, KY

René Linde


6/23/2015 300 Mission XL1200 Bowl In

Zo Isaac

Capital Heights, MD

6/23/2015 812 Signal Bowl America Shirley
Alexandria Va

Bob Mulcahy

Pt St Lucie, FL

6/23/2015 270 endure Jensen Beach Lanes
Jensen Beach

Aaron Mendoza

Gilbert, AZ

6/23/2015 297 Pursuit-S AMF Chandler Lanes
Chandler, Arizona

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