Honor Roll

Everyone likes a high five now and again. Share your Honor Roll score you earned with an Ebonite ball, and we’ll give you a high five!

Name & Location Submitted On Score Ball Bowling Center Photo

John S. Winch

Oberlin, OH

6/23/2015 300 Complete NV York Town Lanes
Parma Ohio

Ryan Smith

Springfield, OR

6/23/2015 236 Ebonite Cyclone Emerald Lanes

Fred Hernandez

El Paso, TX

6/23/2015 300 Pivot Bowl El Paso
11144 Pellicano Dr. El Paso, Tx.

Jack Dalvin Polee

Tacoma, WA

6/23/2015 822 Mission x Narrows Plaza Bowl
University Place

Fred Hernandez

E Paso, TX

6/23/2015 300 Pivot Bowl El Paso
11144 Pellicano Dr.

Damon Brown

Amityville, NY

6/23/2015 826 Ebonite Exceed Farmingdale Lanes
Farmingdale, NY

Brian Pottet


6/23/2015 837 Mission Holiday Lanes
Pittsburg, KS

Jimmy Pressley

Springfield, TN

6/23/2015 300 Pivot Point Spin A Pin Lanes

Mark Mancini

Hughestown, PA

6/23/2015 299 Legacy Modern Lanes
Exeter, Pa

Richard Taylor

Bridgeport, NY

6/23/2015 263 GAME ON Bowl Mor
East Syracuse

Bryan Easterbrooks

St. Johnsbury, VT

6/23/2015 300 Mission $250K Gold Crown Lanes
St. Johnsbury VT

Jarek Vincent

Ft Smith, AR

6/23/2015 300 Gamebreaker Bowling World
FT Smith, Arkansas

Thomas Johnson

Mebane, NC

6/23/2015 279 Mission Realize Buffaloe Lanes Mebane Family Bowling Center

Richard Scott Ayers

Union, NJ

6/23/2015 247 Ebonite Source Hy-Way Bowl
Union, NJ

Matt Schermerhorn

El Segundo, CA

6/23/2015 300 Ebonite Pivot AMF Cerritos Lanes
Cerritos, CA

Chris Lanz

Madison Lake, MN

6/23/2015 300 Endure Wow Zone
Mankato Mn

Chris Lanz

Madison Lake, MN

6/23/2015 824 Endure Wow Zone
Mankato MN

Andrew Gee

Puyallup, WA

6/23/2015 300 Magic Action Secoma Lanes
Federal Way, WA

Seth Coil

Washington Court House, OH

6/23/2015 279 Champion Le Ella Lanes
Washington Court House, Ohio

Chris Lanz

Madison Lake, MN

6/23/2015 290 Evolve Wow Zone
Mankato MN

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