Alejandro Reyna

Costa Rica

ELITE Athlete   Recognized by the Costarrican Sports Institute and Costarrican Olympic Committee (10 athletes elected). 

European Bowling Tour:  

3rd Place at the Brunswick Italia Challenge at the city of Asti, Italy. 

US Open 2013   34th Place – second best player from Latin America.  

Central American Games – San José, Costa Rica 2013  Champion (Olympic process) 2013.      

Maximum Gold Medal winner -5- (together with Tarik Soto – Gymnastics) during the Central American Games San Jose 2013, and 1 silver medal. Maximum medal´s winner.  

Costa Rican National Champion 2013  216.95 average.  

“Colibri” Award – given by the Costa Rican National Bank together with the Costarrican Olympic Committee (January 2013), elected as the most valuable Bowler in Costa Rica during 2012. 

Best Player Award 2012, by the Costarrican Bowling Association.  

PABCON Pan-American Championships 2012, Henderson, Nevada.  

Top16 Men Singles – 14th Place. Masters Finals.   Bronze Medal Doubles. 

Central America and Mexico CAMBOWL   Current Champion. Title obtained at the CAMBOWL Major Championships, held in Las Vegas, Nevada 2012.  

CAMBOWL Adults Championship – Henderson, Nevada.

2012  Gold medal in Doubles, Trios, and Single All Events.  Silver Medal in Teams.  

ODEPA PANAMERICAN GAMES 2011 – Guadalajara, México.   10th Place. Masters Finals.  

PABCON Pan-American Championships 2011 – Guadalajara, Mexico  Top16 Men Singles – 10th Place. Masters Finals.  

2010 QubicaAMF World Cup – Toulon, France.   

13th Place  PABCON Panamerican Championships 2009 – San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

Top16 Men Singles – 15th Place. Masters Finals.  

PABCON Panamerican Championships 2005 – San José, Costa Rica.        

Top16 Men Singles – 11th Place. Masters Finals.  

2008 World Ranking Masters – Jakarta, Indonesia  

14th Place  Central American and Caribbean Games 2010 – Puerto Rico   Bronze Medal Singles All Event

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