Artur Colomer Soler


Bowling club was formed Spectrum (1996-1998), emigrated to Norway where he played with the club BK Solli (1998-2001). He played with several clubs Bowling Limit (2001-2003), Sitges Bowling Club (2005-2007), Bowling Club Seven - 3 (2005-2007), Aro Bowling Club (2007-2010) and from 2011 to Sweetrade BC, and in France with the club Courbevoir BC 2010 BCO. Montpelier 2013.  He participated in international competitions : Friendly Catalonia / Sweden (2004), World Championships ( Munich 2010), European Individual Championship ECC ( Ankara 2010) ( Bratislava 2013), Qubica AMF World Cup 2013 Champion ( Krasnoyarsk ), 3rd position in the international championship in Barcelona 2013 and international championships in the European circuit, and the 2010-2011 season 2012/2013 also participated in the French national league. Since 2000 he joined the Catalonian team.  He obtained several sporting successes: Champion on several occasions in the Gold Cup and the championship pairs of Catalonia in 2002, 2nd single of Catalonia 2003, 1st Terrasa championship in 2009, 1st individual of Catalonia 2010.2013. 1st individual of Spain 2013.     About me as a person:  As a person I am calm, good person, family, friend of friends, working and ambitious. About me as a Bowler:  As a bowler I'm quiet, meticulous, very ambitious, and I consider myself a good teammate My plans and goals in Bowling:  I want to get to the very top and work for it. Winning international tournaments such as ECC, Word Cup, as well as the European Tour.

Favorite balls: Now Arsol Pearl, Arson low flare, Columbia Violent Eruption, Columbia Smack down, Ebonite Champion, Track 811 c/T.  High Scores 1/3/6 games: 300(9)/801/1483

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