Daria Pajak


I am a 20 years old bowler from Poland, I currently study in The United States in Webber International University and I am a part of the best bowling program in a World. My goal is to bowl whole my life and one day become a World Champion.  Biggest achievements:   -  6 times Polish Youth Champion (2011,2010,2009,2008,2006,2005) -  4 times Polish Champion (2008,2009,2010,2011) -  5 bronze medals on European Youth Championships       (2008,2009,2011) - 8th place in European Women Championships (2012)  My favorite bowling ball is Ebonite Evolve. I won a couple of tournaments throwing it but Persuit was the ball which I used when I threw my first 300game as well as I shot my personal 6 games record of 1528 on Polish Championships  I am a student of Webber International University and I have a great opportunity to work with the best coaches who have USBC Gold Levels : Randy Stoughton and Del Werren   Facts about me that probably not too many people know:  - I started to bowl at the age of 5 when the first Bowling alley opened in Poland  - For the first 4years I was throwing back up - I got my first bowling ball at the age of 7 and it was 13lb Maxim - My dad is probably the oldest two handed bowler competing in big International Tournaments (55 years old)

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