Francois Sacco


I'm 44 years old and I live in a city near Paris. I have a school education in programming computers and robotics. My passion for bowling was such that I wanted to learn and understand the technology about bowling balls and so I became Proshop operator in 1994. I worked in various bowling centers at Chartres and Paris as sports manager and Proshop operator. I became USBC Silver coach in 2010, to learn again because Proshop operator and coaching are closely linked and it was important for me to continue to learn technical and physical game evolution, whether is be for my profession as much as for my game. I have 3 Proshops actually.

About me as a Bowler : I started my career when I was 15 years old, in November 1985. My first ball was Columbia Yellow dot. I have been in Ebonite international staff in 2003 to 2005 and again since 2008.

In national competition, I won my first title in Juniors in 1988. I won 3 more in 1991, 1992 and 1993. I bowled my first 300 in 1994 and since then I have 12 in official tournament. I have been national champion 6 times, first in 1993 and last in 2010 and I won 6 times the French Cup.

In France there was no national youth team when I was junior so my first time that I was selected in national team was in 1994, for the European Team Championship in Scheveningen. I have 20 selections at this time.

I have 2 biggest achievements. the first was to won the European Cup in Norway in 2000 and the second was to won the gold medal in double mixed even with my wife Isabelle at the World game in Germany in 2005. Besides I won the Bronze medal in the teams event of the 1995 World Championship in Reno and I finish 4th at the master, the Bronze medal in the 1996 European Team Cup in Helsinki, the Bronze medal in the 2003 European Individual cup in Vienna and the Bronze medal in the singles event of the 2008 World Championship in Bangkok.

Paradoxically, my best memory is a defeat, when I play against the legend Walter Ray Williams for the singles event of the world championship in 2008. My game plan was strong and I was not far from beating him to be able to play the gold medal. It remains unfinished for me but I learned a lot from that moment.

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