Gulhan Aksular


I was born 1977 in Izmir. I am married and have a daughter. I worked in various work places until 2010. After I quit my job I took the university exams in 2011 and I manage to become a university student. Now, I am a 3rd grade student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport. My major will be a “Trainer”.  I played bowling since 2001. When my daughter was a child, we went to bowling center every week. When I saw bowling first time I decided to try and bowled 175 :)) I liked it a lot and continued to bowl. A year later, I met Önder Gürkan who was the National Team coach, and selected me to Turkish National Team. We went to Germany for Teams Champions. When I saw the players my views about bowling have changed and this tournament became a new start for me. When I came back to Turkey I decided to change how I bowl and Önder sent educational CD's for me. Maybe I lost a year but I was sure that, I would “Bowl to Win” in the future.  I always define myself as an ambitious and serious bowler who tries to do everything to fulfill her dreams. I had numerous national titles and “Mediterranean Challenge Cup” Title for Teams. Today my biggest dreams and goals are to win European and World Medals. To accomplish my goals I will do more fitness and training and participate more Open Tournaments. In my university I study training information, massage, nutrition, biomechanics, physiology, anatomy, psychology of sport, dealing with stress.  I use this information both for myself, my teammates and my players when I coach. With the help of this information and the support of my Coaches I represented Turkey at AMF World Cup in Siberia. The result was very important both for me and Turkey. I bowled 216.08 for 24 games and qualified for Top 24 which was a first for Turkey. I didn't win the tournament but it felt like I won.  And also after national coaching experiences, at AMF World Cup I also had my first international Coaching experience. Favorite balls: Source and Champion  Right hand A game 279 3 games 685 6 games 1361

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