Jesper Agerbo


About me:  I am 33 years old and have an education as tool maker. I work as a tool maker during the day and in the evenings I run my own proshop. Sometimes to end the day I will be on air commentator for Bowling airing on Eurosport.  Time left after fitting in hours on the lanes I love to spend I enjoy spending with my wife and child. Started bowling when I was 14 years old and made the national youth team at age 16. My first international championship was in Vienna in 1998.  Since then I have been in the national team and the past years as the team captain. I still love bowling and have no intentions quitting the national team either anytime soon. In the future I would like to become coach of the national team, but not before I decide to end my own national team carreer. My biggest achievements besides becoming a dad must be my Silver medal in the masters event of the 2008 World Championships where I faced Walter Ray Williams in the finals. In 2012 I won 2 gold medals (Masters and trios) and 1 bronze medal (all event) at the European Championships. Gold medal in the team event of the 2011 European Championships Bronze medal in the team event of the 2013 World Championships. Besides this I have been national champion 11 times and German champion 2 times and I have won the Swedish Ranking Final. Records: 300 (21x) 816 1535

Gold in doubles at European championship 2015

Favorite balls – all time:

Elevate – Ebonite

Champion – Ebonite

Mission 250K – Ebonite

Oath – C300

Eruption – C300 

Currently favorites:

Pivot – Ebonite

Cold Blood – Hammer

Oath – C300

Champion – Ebonite

Amp – Hammer

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