Julie Johnson-Loyer


I have proudly been on the Ebonite Armature Staff since 1999.  During this time I have been a 10 time Team Canada Member.  For the past few years I have taken a break from the Team Canada events, but bowl a numerous amount of tournaments locally and regionally. 

My credentials while part of Team Canada are: 

Team Canada Trials    1998 5th    2001 3rd    2002 1st    2003 1st    2004 4th    2005 8th    2006 6th    2007 1st    2008 7th SELECTED   2009 10TH    

San Juan, Puetro Rico Pan American Bowling Confederation       8th SINGLES     9th Doubles     10th Trios  

Las Vegas  World Championship           26th Doubles     16th Team  

Belfast, Northern Ireland Common Wealth Games  12th Singles      3rd Mixed team      5th Mixed doubles     9TH Masters      9th All Events      3RD Women Doubles  

Chile, Santiago  FIQ Zones  5th in Doubles     7th in Trios     6TH Team    30TH All Events     27TH Singles 

San Salvador, El Salvador PABCON Tournament of Champions        9TH Doubles     10TH Singles 

Costa Rica   Worlds  3rd Team  

Some other events with Team Canada that I have participated in are:

Argentina   FIQ Zones

Barcelona, Spain  Sport Federation 

Denmark   World Team Cup

Malaysia   Worlds

Amsterdam, Netherlands World Team Cup

Denmark   Worlds

Isn't it time you stepped up your game?

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