Martin Paulsson


Martin Paulsson born 1971.

I live in Malmö with my wife and daughter.


I am a member of the Swedish national team since 2009. I`ve been a staffplayer for EBI since 2010.


My biggest achievements are:


Gold in doubles 2010 in World Championship in Munich

Gold Masters 2011 in European Championship in Munich

Other medals from European Championships are two silver and three bronze.

Eight gold in Swedish Championships in different teams.

Named Bowler of the year in Sweden 2011.

One victory in The Europeen Bowlingtour.

 1 game 300

3 games 856

6 games 1546

 My biggest goal at the moment is to be a member in the national team at World Championship in Abu Dhabi 2014.

 My favorite bowling ball is at the moment the Pivot and Legacy. Two bowling balls who complete each other perfectly.

Isn't it time you stepped up your game?

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