Nikita Koshelev


About me as a person: I’m 25 y.o. bowler from Moscow, Russia. When I was 10 I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer, then I finished school in a lawyer class and have a degree for it. In present time I’m post graduating for the government management. Also I have a professor degree. I’m owner of 3 manufactures, that produce protection systems for the government. So, I love to travel and take photos. I’m really sociable, cheerful and redheaded. Just contact me and I will prove to you everything I said before.

About me as a Bowler: I started my bowling career 1st of October 2001. My first ball was Gyro(green one) from Ebonite. After 2004 I was selected to National team every year. Since 2007 I’m with Ebonite and I bowl to win. I’m travelling around Russia and participating in different tournaments and always finish in top 3. Time to time I’m taking a part for TV programs, where I’m always in Ebonite t-shirt.

My plans and goals in Bowling: become multiply world champion before bowling becomes Olympic sport and then take an Olympic gold medal. Also, my goal is to be a part of great bowling actions.

Biggest achievements in Bowling: 300 at amf world cup, multiply Russian champion, two time winner of Russian cup (4 times 2nd) and multiply international medals and 300 in all continents (except Australia)

Favorite balls: The one (original), challenge, NVD, gamebreaker, u2 classic, taboo, ransom demand, raid

High Scores 1/3/6 games: 300/865/1602

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