Piritta Maja


About me as a person: I am a teacher, professional coach, director, wife and nowadays also a mother.
About me as a Bowler: I am an experienced national team bowler (since 2000 in team Finland), still  yet loving the game and always finding new areas to improve myself and the sport that we all love.
My plans and goals in Bowling: To find my personal limits in how good can I become.

Biggest achievements in Bowling: Winning an EBT tournament, medal in the World Championships and coaching the junior girls team to become European Champions.
Favorite balls: The striking ones. And my spare ball J

High Scores 1/3/6 games: 300, 819 and 1529 (not so sure about those...)


Coaching is my work and my passion. I run a Bowling Training and Education Centre in Kuortane Olympic Training Centre so my whole life is about learning and helping others to learn. I hope together we, coaches, can raise more sportsmen and –ladies to bowling.

Isn't it time you stepped up your game?

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