Ramon Hilferink

The Netherlands

About me as a person:

My name is Ramon Hilferink. I was born on Valentine’s Day 1993 in's-Heerenberg, The Netherlands. People acknowledge me for my hard work. I will practice and practice until I achieve my goals.


About me as a Bowler:

I started bowling at the age of 2. My parents own a small 8 lane bowling alley in the Netherlands. I grew up with bowling and won my first national youth title at the age of 13.

I am playing college bowling on the moment at Webber International University where I am supposed to graduate in 2017. I have the world’s greatest coaches around me here and they make me #Bowl It Forward.


My plans and goals in Bowling:

My ultimate goal is going professional after I am finished with my college bowling career. I do not know how yet, but I am certain that I want to make a living in bowling. After (maybe during) my bowling career, I would like to work at ball design for one of the EBI brands.


Biggest achievements in Bowling:

- 9 national youth titles

- represented my country 5 times

- bronze medal eyc teams 2011

- 11th wyc singles 2010

- 5th teen masters 2011

- 2nd German youth open 2013

- 2nd Malta open 2013


Favorite balls:

Ebonite Pivot

Ebonite Source

Ebonite Cyclone

Columbia 300 Violent eruption


High Scores 1/3/6 games:

1 game: 300 (2x)

3 games: 801

6 games: 1512

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