Ebonite International to partner with StrikeForce Bowling LLC for branded bags, gloves, shoes and accessories

Ebonite International, a worldwide leader in the bowling industry is pleased to announce a strategic eight year partnership between the brands of EBI and Strikeforce Bowling, a leader in the design and development of bowling bags, shoes and accessories.

Beginning January 1, 2016, Strikeforce Bowling will take on the responsibility of designing, developing, sourcing and selling all bags, gloves, shoes and accessories under the brands of Ebonite International (Hammer, Columbia 300, Track, Ebonite, Robby’s and PowerHouse).

“Ebonite International is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of bowling balls here in Hopkinsville Kentucky” said Randy Schickert CEO of Ebonite International. “We are the industry leader and our focus has been and will continue to be, on making the best performance bowling balls on the planet.”

“I am thrilled to be partnering with a company that has the same expertise, but on the soft good side of the business,” he said.
Brad Handelman, President of Strikeforce Bowling, said Strikeforce looks forward to creating outstanding products to tie back to the strong consumer brands of EBI.

“Each brand under the Ebonite International umbrella has its own distinctive fit and feel and our goal will be to work seamlessly with EBI to make sure that the bags, gloves, shoes and accessories we are developing, work hand in hand with the bowling balls they bring to market,” he said.

The effective date of the partnership will be January 1, 2016 with the goal of a smooth transition. While EBI and Strikeforce Bowling will have their own sales teams and internal structures, there will be strong go to market integration between the companies from tradeshows to player promotions and sales loyalty programs (EBI Pro Shop Gold Program). More detailed information to follow.

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