Sponsors have been the driving force at NDBowling.com for almost 3 years now. Without the help of so many kind individuals and businesses, NDBowling.com would be nothing more than a website that posts dates and results. Now, the driving force behind all those great sponsors is NDBowlTV. Over the last year, NDBowlTV has captured the attention of bowlers all over the upper Midwest and our Canadian neighbors to the North. Today, NDBowlTV garnered the attention of an elite brand in the bowling industry.

Ebonite and NDBowling.com agreed to terms on Wednesday to make Ebonite the Official Bowling Ball Sponsor of NDBowlTV for the 2015-2016 season. Here is what you can expect:

2015 NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic – Free Ebonite bowling ball awarded to the high qualifier on Saturday
2015 10 Game Marathon – Ebonite ball will be raffled off to raise money for NDBowlTV
2016 Can-AM Challenge – Free Ebonite bowling ball awarded to the winner
2016 NDBowling.com Classic – Free Ebonite bowling ball awarded to the high qualifier on Saturday
2015-2016 NDBowling.com Tour – Free Ebonite bowling ball will be awarded to the high point earner for the season (Player of the Year)

Ebonite will also award a free bowling ball to anyone who throws a 300 game using an Ebonite bowling ball at events covered by NDBowlTV. The 300 game does not have to be thrown on NDBowlTV, it just has to be at a competition that NDBowlTV will be covering.

Specific Ebonite Bowling Balls to be awarded will be decided at a later date.

Current 2015-2016 NDBowlTV Schedule (Subject to Change)
NDBowling.com Kickoff Classic
10 Game Marathon in Minot
Manitoba Open
CMA Memorial Shootout
NDBowling.com Classic

I would like to send a big thanks out to Shawn Morris and Ebonite for their contribution to NDBowling.com and NDBowlTV.

Start planning your 2015-2016 season at NDBowling.com!

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