Ebonite is Proud to Endorse Youth Bowling Scholarships of America, Inc.

Ebonite is proud to endorse Youth Bowling Scholarships of America, Inc.

YBSA works to raise scholarships for youth bowlers through an affiliate adverstising program. Whenever a shopper wants to make a purchase through any of the supporting e-tail outlets, they first visit www.bowlingscholarships.org and click on the sponsors link for the site they wish to shop at. After a purchase is made, a portion of proceeds goes into a scholarship fund. There is no additional charge for the purchase.

Among the retailers particpating are amazon.com, walmart.com, priceline.com, hotels.com and others. 

In addition to helping raise scholarship money, YBSA's website, www.bowlingscholarships.org, provides a wealth of information to young bowlers on how to get scholarships, as well as tournament schedules and travel links.

YBSA is an IRS 501 (c) 3, tax-exempt, charitable organization.

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