Ebonite’s Tyler Slaubaugh Wins 2019 Proprietor’s Cup

By Chris Hester

In just his second time bowling the prestigious Proprietor’s Cup, 28- year-old Tyler Slaubaugh survived a final four consisting of PBA title holders Anthony Simonsen and Matt Ogle, along with amateur bowling star Jean Perez.

Slaubaugh, using his Purple Pearl Urethane, defeated Simonsen 202-188 in the title match to finish off a long and grueling weekend of bowling.

It certainly was not smooth sailing along the way as Slaubaugh nearly missed out when the field was cut to 10.

“I caught a bad pair the last game of the casher’s round and shot 196, which was enough to sneak into the cut by just two pins,” Slaubaugh said. “Every one of the final rounds came down to the very end. The talent in the field was phenomenal.”

The week did not get off to a great start for Slaubaugh, but a key adjustment paved the way to work his way to the title.

“On Thursday night during the doubles event I tried to use a variety of balls, but nothing seemed to match up,” Slaubaugh said. “Friday night I used a combination of the Purple Hammer and a Black Widow Pink depending on the pair.”

“The urethane just didn't seem to give me a great reaction, but I saw other left-handers have success with it so I decided to keep trying it,” he said.

This decision turned out to be the key to his success on Saturday and Sunday.

After getting to Beaver-Vu Saturday morning to watch the A squad bowl, Slaubaugh noticed there were lefties continuing to have success with urethane, so he decided that would be his go-to ball once he ‘added a ton of surface.’

As he continued to advance on Sunday, Slaubaugh felt his confidence level steadily increasing and knew victory was a possibility.

“I knew going into the final four I had a pretty good look and I had a chance to win if I could continue to make good shots,” he said. “However, I never knew I was going to win until it was over and I am still having a hard time believing it.”

Once the final shot had been thrown Tyler took a few moments to reflect on the biggest victory of his young career.

“I couldn’t really believe what was going on,” he said. “It was surreal, like I was in a dream. I have been working very hard for a long time in an effort to compete at a higher level. Lots of sacrifices, work and time. It’s like a giant weight lifted off of my back knowing that I can compete with the best bowlers in the world.”

Shortly after the Proprietor’s Cup ended Mr. Slaubaugh flew to Las Vegas, NV to compete in the USBC Open Championships where he posted scores of 510 in team, 621 in doubles and 665 in singles for an all events total of 1799.


“I am certainly ready for a little time off,” Tyler said. “I have been dealing with a nagging quad injury so I look forward to a few weeks off before competing in the Kentucky Open towards the end of July.”

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