HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. – After nearly a decade, one of Ebonite’s most successful cores again is the talk of the sport’s top competitors, and Ebonite is paying tribute to this timeless classic with the new Salute.

 The Salute brings back the engine that first powered the Apex Adrenaline and then found its way into the Big Time line, which helped Professional Bowlers Association star Tommy Jones find success early in his PBA Tour career.

Now, the symmetric Adrenaline core is paired with a new, hybrid coverstock that is 80 percent silver pearl and 20 percent black solid.

 Part of the Upper Mid Performance category, the Salute is the perfect complement for this season’s other releases, the Honor and Game Breaker 2.

The Big Time Hybrid cover gives the Salute a subtle and classy look, while its reaction on the lanes has everyone standing at attention and lining up to throw it. The new coverstock gives the Salute some often-needed length, and the symmetric weight block helps provide a smooth, continuous motion.

 With tournament season right around the corner, it’s time for competitors to start thinking about the ideal arsenal, and the Salute is the perfect choice for medium or broken-down lane conditions.

 A few bowlers got a sneak peek at the Salute and here’s what they’re saying:

 “What I found with the Salute is the same great continuation as the GB2, but it goes another 5-7 feet longer for me. This ball does not quit on any medium-to-dry lane pattern. 

I drilled mine pin up (5.5 inch pin from PAP), and I haven’t changed the surface at all yet. I see no jerk, just super strong continuation.

 It’s a perfect ball to go to after my GB2, so I can step left, have it go through the broken down heads and turn the corner.” – Ronnie Horton, Ebonite staff member, Virginia.

  “I think the name perfectly describes the objective of this new ball, which is to bring back a core that was both successful and memorable, but in a way that will help it be just as effective in a sport that has changed a lot in the last 10 years.

 With the variety of today’s lane conditions, it’s nice to have options and an arsenal that keeps me competitive. The added length and smooth motion of the Salute have been great for me on lighter league patterns where there’s some friction or on tournament conditions where the Honor or Game Breaker 2 might be a little too much either in the front or at the end of the pattern. It’ll go longer, and it won’t over-react downlane.” – Matt Cannizzaro, Ebonite staff member, Texas. 

For more information, visit http://www.ebonite.com/products/balls/upper-mid-performance/salute


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