Tommy Jones Gets Long-Term Deal From Ebonite

The brands of Ebonite International continue to lock in big talent to long-term contracts as FloBowling has learned 18-time PBA champion Tommy Jones has signed a four-year contract extension with EBI.

The news comes shortly after big names Dom Barrett and Bill O’Neill signed three-year extensions. Jones, 40, is the face of the Ebonite brand, Barrett is the face for Track and O’Neill tops for Hammer. All three were in the Top 20 on the PBA points list in 2018.

Jones, whose contract will keep him at Ebonite through 2022, continues to find success on the PBA Tour and made two shows in 2018. He will also represent Team USA at the World Bowling Men’s Championships, which will be broadcast live on FloBowling Dec. 1-5.

“It’s definitely the longest deal I’ve signed,” said Jones, who has been an Ebonite staffer since turning pro in 2000. “I think they are trying to make the budget a little more predictable for the next few years to know where they are at. I was happy with it. They were happy with it. So, everybody’s good.”

Jones had two fourth-place finishes this season at the PBA Xtra Frame Wilmington Open and the FloBowling PBA Wolf Open. He finished 10th at the U.S. Open to close out the season.

A former PBA Player of the Year (2005-06 season) and Rookie of the Year (2001-02 season), Jones is a two-time major champion. He won the 2006 U.S. Open and the 2007 PBA Tournament of Champions. His most recent win came in 2016 when he claimed the PBA Scorpion Championship.

With the 2018 season completed, this is the time of year bowling ball companies traditionally sign and re-sign players to new contracts heading into the 2019 season, which begins in January.

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