Core:  All new CB-2 Core is designed utilizing data and information on core shapes and dynamic properties that bowlers have historically enjoyed!

The dynamic properties of the CB-2 Core, and more importantly, the core shape lead to a ball motion that is quite impressive. Best used when bowlers have oil in the front part of the lane, such as when league or tournament play starts. The Pivot will provide great down lane continuation, and great power through the pin deck.

Cover: In continuing the development of new Ebonite covers, the R and D Department at Ebonite have created a cover that our testers have been raving about. Testing by our test staff as well as our Pro Staff all had the Pivot providing better mid-lane and backend continuation when compared to the control target. Taking it a step further, the pro staff specifically highlighted the carry and power the Pivot had through the pins!

Finish: With the recent efforts in the R and D area, we are finishing the Pivot with an all new surface finish for an Ebonite Branded H.P. product! The finished process is sanded with 500 Abralon and sanded with 1500 Abrabet™…only a two-step process!



Category Value
Color Red / Gold / Green
Reaction Strong Backend Continuation
Coverstock RCM Hybrid™
Factory Finish 500, 1500 Abranet™
Core CB-2 Asymmetric
Mass Bias .017
Weight 12-16

RG / Differential

Weight RG Diff
12 2.62 .046
13 2.59 .043
14 2.49 .052
15 2.48 .049
16 2.49 .043


Category Value
Best Lane Conditions Medium to Heavy Patterns

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    Ebonite introduces a new High Performance Bowling Ball.

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