Core: All modified AXS core design is designed to work in tandem with the cover in order to provide down lane motion bowlers desire. The core is also a lower MB core, more along the line of a Symmetric core; thus, being a really easy ball to drill.

The modified AXS core is the most accurately marked core with respect to the Low RG axis in the market today! Fact, there are cores in the market where the Low RG is not exactly where the pin is, the Champion core development has assured the pin as the true Low RG. This will aid in accurate performance when drilling.

Cover: Bowlers have raved about the new RCS veneer system that was introduced on the Challenge. On the Champion, we have made the RCS Reactive Pearl, enhancing this great cover with an ALL NEW, UNIQUE FINISHING PROCESS. The process that we have implemented in the manufacturing process allows Pro Shops to better accurately recreate the factory finish.

Along with enhanced performance, this new unique core/cover combination has also added to greater durability. Performing three times better in drop tests then other products.

During the extensive testing process, we tested in 5 different states, using a variety of styles of play, including PBA Champions.



Category Value
Color Black / Light Blue / Red
Reaction Strong Backend Reaction
Coverstock RCS ReactiveTM Pearl
Factory Finish 500, 500, 500, 1500 Abralon® – Polished with Power House Factory Finish Ball Polish
Core Modified AXS
Mass Bias .007
Weight 12 - 16

RG / Differential

Weight RG Diff
16 2.50 .047
15 2.49 .054
14 2.52 .052

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  • The Champion

    Bowl to Win with the new Ebonite Champion. Its Modified AXS core with RCS Reactive(TM) Pearl coverstock - the first polished high performance ball from Ebonite in years - proves to be just the down lane motion bowlers desire. BOWL TO WIN with Ebonite! #bowlitforward

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