Game Breaker 2


It's Back. And Better Than Ever.

Proven Performance. Incredible Value. Enhanced V2 Core. GB 10.7 Coverstock.

Game Breaker Ball Motion, Need We Say More?

The Game Breaker 2 features the Enhanced V2 core and GB 10.7; the same great cover found on the original Game Breaker. In order to reduce the variables and create a ball with the same fantastic reaction shape, we’ve even poured the Game Breaker 2 with the exact same colors as the original. The original Game Breaker is a ball that bowlers still ask about and are always looking for, the only difference with this ball and the original is we had to modify the core numbers due to USBC’s rule change a few years ago. Oh, and we have brought it back at an even more attractive price versus the original. 



Category Value
Color Black / Purple
Reaction Strong Mid-Lane
Coverstock GB 10.7
Factory Finish 500, 2000 Abralon
Core Enhanced V2
Weight 10 -16 lbs.

RG / Differential

Weight RG Diff
10 2.75 .017
11 2.69 .020
12 2.62 .046
13 2.59 .043
14 2.49 .048
15 2.48 .048
16 2.49 .041

Videos & More

  • Ebonite presents the Game Breaker 2

    Ebonite presents the Game Breaker 2. You asked for it. We delivered.

  • Tommy Jones throws the Game Breaker 2, comparing it to the original

    Ebonite's Tommy Jones throws the Game Breaker 2, comparing it to the original

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