Game Breaker 3 Pearl


Ebonite GB3 Pearl You thought the GB2 Phenom Pearl was good? We did too. Until we threw this one.

This is the most predictable pearl ball we have made to date and it does it without giving up any down lane motion. The GB3 Pearl is the perfect complement to the GB3 when it's time to move in and open your angles up on a variety of patterns.

Tournament players are going to love this one.

GB 12.7 Pearl - By switching to the pearl version of our GB12.7 cover, the GB3 Pearl will provide more length through the front part of the lane while maintaining the strong mid lane and backend continuation that the Game Breaker series is known for. When the sanded GB3 starts to hook too early, switching to the GB3 Pearl will allow you to stay in your comfort zone.




Category Value
Color Purple/Red
Reaction Length With Strong Backend
Coverstock GB 12.7 Pearl
Factory Finish 500/1000 Abralon Polished W/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Core Enhanced V2
Mass Bias None (Symmetrical)
Weight 10-16lb

RG / Differential

Weight RG Diff
16lb 2.49 0.041
15lb 2.48 0.048
14lb 2.49 0.048
13lb 2.59 0.043
12lb 2.62 0.046
11lb 2.69 0.020
10lb 2.75 0.017

Videos & More

  • Game Breaker 3 Pearl

    Ronnie Russell One Take Featuring the Game Breaker 3 Pearl

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