Infinite One


Scoring one of the biggest hits in bowling, The One shook the industry to the core. With the release of the Big One and the Infinite One, the success story continues.

This year, when you open up your Real One, you could find either a Real One, or a special edition The One, Big One, Infinite One or Angular One inside. If you find a special edition One series ball, you will receive a FREE Real One.

- There is a 1:9 chance of opening a special edition ball. 
- Any consumer who opens a special edition One will be eligible to receive a Real One for free. 
- The lucky finder must go to to register the serial number on their special edition One ball to receive a Real One.


Find a Special Edition One Series Ball?
Visit REALONE.EBONITE.COM to claim your FREE Real One.





Category Value
Color Navy/Royal/Burgundy
Reaction Strong Overall Hook
Coverstock GBV 12.1
Factory Finish 500 Abralon
Core Inverted Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias
Mass Bias 0.027
Weight 14, 15, 16 lbs

RG / Differential

Weight RG Diff
16lb 2.47 0.050
15lb 2.46 0.056
14lb 2.49 0.053

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